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PIANO SKY is one of our latest shows, already loved by our audience. it is a live music show that can be enjoyed by the audience even at a great distance.
It seems impossible to see a piano flying! But even so, in a short time we can set up a show of great emotional impact, managing all safety aspects.

The new show designed and created by DANIELE BONATO, starring a grand piano played live, which takes flight during the performance. This is an innovative project aimed to enhance live music and great spectacle, which provides visibility at 360 ° without the use of stages and structures lifting the piano. In this way, costs are lower and time of preparation is reduced thanks to a single supplier. In addition, the show is equipped with sound amplification and scenic lights thanks to the investment of a new sound and lighting system, purchased specifically for the show.
Its realization was also made possible by winning the POR FESR 2014-2020 call for proposals to support the purchase of services for innovation by SMEs, that is promoted by the Veneto Region.
This extraordinary show is suitable for any type of audience and event, for spectators of all nationalities and languages.
“Get ready for something unique, never seen before, something that will surely leave you breathless!” – Daniele Bonato